Your Amazon Storefront is essentially your own branded mini-website within the Amazon platform.

Not only is your Storefront a great opportunity to showcase your brand and establish a relationship with your buyers, it’s also the only spot on Amazon where competitors can’t creep onto your webpage real estate – so you have your customers’ undivided attention.

Research shows that sellers with Storefronts actually see higher organic rankings than those who don’t. Here’s why.

Crafted the right way, your Storefront helps establish trust and loyalty with potential customers by showing them what your beliefs, values, and standards are as a brand.

And visually, a clear, beautifully laid out Storefront with rich, crisp images also elevates the professionalism of your brand in your buyers’ eyes, so they’ll feel more confident in the quality of your products.

Just like a regular website, Amazon’s Storefront feature gives you the option to create multiple pages for your product catalog, featured offers, best-sellers, an FAQ, “how-to” videos, and more.

Storefronts also open your product(s) up to new times of Sponsored Ads that are much more customizable than straight keyword targeting.

So whether you have several product categories or just one product to showcase, your Storefront is customizable and designed to grow and evolve with your brand.