Sales Boost Analysis


Your Free Customized Listing Audit Report


  • In-depth keyword research for your specific product
  • The top keyword phrases currently missing from your listing that are vital to driving traffic to your product
  • Our exclusive Restricted Terms Scan, which alerts you to any phrases in your listing that Amazon has deemed off-limits (aka ticking time bombs) and need to be changed immediately to avoid suspension*
  • Competitor research focusing on the missteps your top 3 competitors are making – and how you can use them to your advantage
  • Our specific strategies for showing your potential buyers exactly why competing products won’t solve their #1 pain point – and why your product is the one that will

*Because we work hands-on with so many sellers, our Restricted Terms List here at Catapult Conversions has grown to over 250 terms. Amazon adds new restricted terms all the time, so our Restricted Terms List is ever-evolving and expanding.