Our Team

Meet Chelsea & Ari Cohen

Chelsea & Ari Cohen are Co-Founders and Owners of Tenacious Ventures LLC and its subsidiaries and are most known for their popular kitchen line and for their work in the Amazon physical products community.

In another life, Ari was a business consultant for the automotive repair industry, helping hundreds of businesses across the U.S. and Canada to increase efficiency, productivity and profits.

Chelsea Cohen spent 4 years as an account executive at a business and financial management company, managing her own roster of clients in the arts and entertainment field in Los Angeles, CA guiding industry professionals to save money on taxes and fees and to build sound foundations for increasing wealth.

After years helping others to make and keep profits, the couple has stepped out on their own to build their successful eCommerce business, now working full-time as entrepreneurs and coaching others along the same path.

They were recently featured on Ryan Moran's Freedom Fastlane TV and can often be found coaching and consulting within his community of entrepreneurs.