Our Process


The first step in our copywriting service is for the client to fill-up the Listing Information Sheet. Once done, the client can expect turnover within 7 business days for normal orders, or after 3 business days for expedited orders.

Our process follows the following principles:


In the hook, we explain how your product and business are different from your competitors, and point out the headaches that come with buying from those competitors – while highlighting the desires that your product fulfills in your customer’s lives. We paint a picture of the changes they’ll experience in their lives when they buy your product instead.


Because mobile is becoming a much bigger source of online purchases, and because Amazon now places your description/EBC ABOVE the bullet points in the mobile format, it is important to be able to “mirror” the same customer pain points and desires in both places. This tactic should increase your mobile conversions.


A note on the use of CAPS in your bullets, which I call “selling on the skim”: If our buyers were to skim through your bullets and read just the ALL CAPS text, we want to be sure that this content alone would sell them. Additionally, placing ALL CAPS at the beginning of each bullet grabs customers’ attention and draws them into reading your bullets. We always put the most important message at the beginning of each bullet.


We also add more keywords and/or adjust your current keywords to use more potent, higher-volume keywords that will give you more potential traffic. You may notice very slight grammatical errors here and there (for example, using a singular when a plural would be better). We do this intentionally to fit keyword variations into your listing. It won’t be noticed much and will give your listing more “juice” in terms of keywords.


It has been found that indexing improves when keywords in the description are also listed in the back end search terms. For an indexing boost, we recommend adding the keywords used in the description section (listed in your Copywriting Keywords document) to the back end search terms as well.

I want to give you a quick note on what you might experience upon changing your sales copy. When you swap out your copy, you might find that Amazon de-indexes some of your keywords. This may last for a few days, and you might experience a loss of some traffic during this time. Do not freak out! This is just Amazon re-learning your listing. You should re-index in a matter of days, and even start indexing for more keywords, since we will have added new keywords that weren’t in your listing before.


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