Listing Refresh

Listing Refresh

The Secret to Maintaining Your Competitive Edge

There is a strange phenomenon in the seller community that could just be an exploitable Achilles heel to your competitors. And that is failure to do frequent listing refreshes.

We spend countless hours tweaking and massaging our PPC keyword optimization, yet within our own listing copy we adopt a set-it-and-forget-it mentality.

It is an open secret within the Amazon seller community that top sellers and billion-dollar aggregation companies alike do a monthly refresh of their listings to continue to update Title and Keywords, ensuring maximal indexing and ranking benefits. The achieved effect is that your listings are always working as hard as possible for you so that you are constantly as optimized as possible.

With the Listing Refresh subscription, we will automatically review and reassess your listings and provide you with revised Title and Keyword Placement based on your current keyword rankings.

Listing Refresh Includes:

  • - New Keyword Research
  • - Updated Title
  • - Updated Keyword Placement with Bullets
  • - Updated Keyword Placement with Description (Standard or Keyword-Rich)
  • - Restricted Terms Scan

As an added precaution, we scan your listing for restricted terms based on our extensive, ever-evolving restricted terms list to minimize your risk of temporary listing suspension that are often feared with listing refreshes.

A refresh is a great idea moving into your busy sales season, before Prime Day or prior to the holiday rush.

Harness the same influence used by top sellers to keep that competitive edge. Enroll in our recurring Listing Refresh service now and put your front-end optimization on autopilot.

  • Monthly (Recommended)
  • Every 2 Months
  • Every 3 Months
  • Every 6 Months
  • Seasonally (Select Your Month)
  • Holiday Refresh
  • Prime Day Refresh

Important Notes:
While our Restricted Terms list is the most extensive and up-to-date list available, developed by cross-referencing Amazon’s policies and our own experience in working with client listings across many different categories, we cannot guarantee that your listing will never face suspension during a refresh. We will, though, do everything we can to discover any potentially offending terms to help get your listing back to Active status and will then add any discovered terms to our Restricted Terms list moving forward. We recommend doing your refresh at least 3 weeks prior to any peak sales period to avoid any temporary short-term delisting that can occur during refreshes.