When it comes to infographics, a picture is literally worth a thousand words.

Infographics quickly walk buyers through your product’s features and benefits, showing them why it’s the absolute best choice for them.

They can also be used to compare your product’s key features with those of your competitors, quickly summarizing your product’s superiority in one bite-sized, easy-to-digest image – and laying bare all of your competitors’ weaknesses.

Your images should be designed to tell the story of your product. The same story that is painted within your listing copy, should also be spotlighted within the images you share.

Each shopper is different and, while one may prefer reading bullet points, others might look for the quick summary that the images provide. Ensuring that your images are as attractive and informative as possible and inspire buyers to see the product fitting into and bettering their lives means higher conversions and more sales.

As one of the first things your customers see within your listing, infographics outline key information within a neat visual package. So whether buyers have time to peruse your listing top to bottom or are in a rush, they’ll get all the information they need to click the “Buy Now” button.