Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you dual optimise the title for mobile as well? How about the rest of the listing?

Yes, we always want to make sure that the title and listing is optimized for mobile as well. We will put the best keywords at the front of the listing and also add some features where possible to further entice potential customers to be interested in the product.

Additionally, as many listings put the A+ Content or Description before the bullets in the listing, we will be sure to highlight the best points in both the bullets and the description/A+ as some who see the bullets may not see the description and vice versa.

Do you use Jungle Scout or Helium 10?

We use Helium 10 for our keyword research and Jungle Scout for the top competitors' revenue stats.

For A+ content, are all the photographs provided or do you use stock images?

We can use free stock images from free sites such as as well as any images that the brand owner has. Usually this does the trick but we can make recommendations on the types of photos needed such as overhead shots that allow us to list out all features and elements of a product in one photo.

We can work with a photographer and our designer can make recommendations when taking on the project. The best way to start would be for you to share access to the photo library and we can see what is available before making recommendations and can then let you know if we think any additional photos are needed and possibly provide a recommended shot list.

On deciding keyword relevancy, how is this done and/or who decides what’s relevant and what’s not?

Relevancy can usually be reviewed and decided by our research team by looking at the product and the keywords that come up in research and sorting based on common sense. For example, if you are selling a Magnesium Supplement that has Vitamin C in it. "Magnesium Powder" would be more relevant and "Vitamin C supplement" would be less relevant and "gluten free" though it may have a TON of search volume would be even less relevant. We want to get an idea of the likelihood that someone typing that keyword would end up buying your product or not.

Another way we can check relevancy is to search the term on Amazon and see what comes up. If your TYPE of product doesn't come up on page one at all, that is Amazon telling us that it is a lower relevancy keyword for that product.

When there’s less obvious competition, how do you source more keywords?

Usually, we will start to pull from types of products and do more Helium 10 Magnet searches. We can also check what types of products Amazon is pulling up in connection with that product and do Cerebro searches on those to get new ideas for keywords and even branch those off into more Magnet searches.

We’ll be working with a translator, would it make sense for them to do their piece and send them back across for implementation as you mentioned you prefer control of this part?

For the upload, we usually don't do the copywriting uploads. We will be sure to keep the copy short enough to allow for translation as words in, for example, Spanish and Italian tend to be significantly longer.

For the other variations for other countries, the translator can adjust and send it back to us and the process will be the same. However, we may need to include an additional rate for variations within other languages. So you may want to consider whether it would make more sense financially for your agency to have someone in-house who can do those updates.