Free Analysis

How would you like a free no-strings-attached listing analysis? No sign-ups, no additional actions needed on your part.

This Free Amazon Sales Boost Analysis would include:

  • Keyword Analysis: Many sellers are missing top keywords from their listing, costing them thousands in lost sales. We’ll identify any top keywords you should place in your listing for increased traffic.
  • Restricted Terms Assessment: Amazon is getting more and more strict with their ever-lengthening list of Restricted Terms and more and more sellers are getting their listings suddenly suspended. Many common terms such as “non-toxic” and “eco-friendly” were recently restricted! We’ll check your listing for these terms so you can remove them and avoid any trouble before it starts.
  • Readability & Conversion: Copywriting can be an extremely effective tool to convert more visitors to customers, but they have to read it first. We’ll provide insights into ways to improve your listing’s readability and to increase the customer’s likelihood of buying.

With the free analysis, you would get a full report with actionable steps that you can execute right away.