Because the difference between a good listing and a great one is the extra zeros in your paycheck.

Listing Copy

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  • • Title & Bullet Point Copy
  • • Product Description or A+ Copy
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A+ Content

  • • Full Graphic Design
  • • A+ Content Layout
  • • Keyword Image Tags
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“Nobody Reads Bullet Points.”

I’ve heard Amazon gurus get up on stage and state this as a fact to a room full of thousands of impressionable Amazon sellers.

Yet, in the same event halls, students and clients have come up to me and told me their conversion rates jumped by 10%, 15%, even 20% using my copywriting techniques.

Most professional copywriters don’t understand how to write copy specifically for the Amazon listing.

There are copy techniques specific to the Amazon marketplace and the Amazon customer.

Since 2014, I’ve been developing and refining copywriting techniques specifically for Amazon.

Techniques to get more traffic to your listing, get your copy read, help you to join the conversation the customer is already having in her head, and ultimately click "Add to Cart" and buy.

Copywriting That Sells:
The Elements of a Winning Listing

The Hook

The Hook is a writing device that pulls in the reader and makes him want to keep reading.

Our approach to this handles the #1 pain point of every Amazon buyer. The first problem every Amazon buyer has when shopping on Amazon: Which one to buy? (The answer is: YOURS!)

Selling on the Skim

In this sound byte world of short attention spans, it’s harder and harder to get some customers to read.

We’ve taken this into account and utilize techniques to get your buyers to read your most important sales copy, even if they’re notorious “skimmers.” Your copy stands out and draws your customers in, creating the effect you’re looking for.

Keyword Traffic Booster

Increase your potential search volume by adding highly relevant, high-volume keywords every step of the way.

Your traffic increases when we add numerous relevant keywords in creative ways to ensure that you get as much exposure as possible.

More Than Just Copy

Copy is only part of the story. Just like every good song contains melody and verse, a good listing is composed of good copy and images.

The effectiveness of your copy should be mirrored within your images. Your images should tell a story – the same story you’re telling within your copy. Our professional team works together to seamlessly craft both copy and images for maximum impact.

Check out our infographics and A+ Content samples and services for a complete listing overhaul focused on increasing conversions, boosting ranking and lowering your PPC ad spend while increasing sales.

Satisfied Catapult Clients

After implementing Chelsea’s advice, our conversion rate went up from 15% to an average of 40% for a very competitive product. Sales increased by 150% and we are much better optimized for our keywords! Our listing now really talks to the customer and not just about the product!

Mesi Bo

Startup Founder

Last year I was talking to Chelsea about one of my listings in the toys category. I had a conversion rate of 4-5% and sales were not good.

She gave me a suggestion which seemed like a good idea, so I implemented it. Not kidding, my conversion rate went up to 33% and I started selling 50 a day. We were selling 1-3 before, if any, daily. Can't thank her enough.


Brand Owner

800% sales boost (not a typo)! After investing a lot of money in another service and seeing one of our products still not get traffic or convert, I was about ready to give up. Within a few days, Chelsea was able to rework our copy and keyword analysis. As rankings improved conversion rate continued to improve. All told we've seen a 13.5% improvement and 800% sales increase.

Andy Smetana


Who Is Chelsea Cohen?

I’ve been selling on Amazon since 2014, and have been helping sellers catapult their sales with copywriting since 2017.

From the beginning, I understood that Amazon is a comparative buying platform, so copywriting for Amazon requires different techniques than any other platform. But many sellers and copywriters do not recognize this or know exactly how to use it to their advantage.

With my unique background as a writer and a seller, I’ve been able to develop an Amazon copywriting method that truly speaks to customers and increases traffic, conversions and sales. I look forward to helping you to do the same with your listings.